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“On my last day in art school in 1974, I had a creative awakening. 
In a moment of playful exploration, I moved my fingertips on a paper towel that was intended to wipe an inked plate. Lifting the towel, I saw childlike scrawls had appeared on the underside from the pressure of my fingertips. I laughed ecstatically with this discovery! I had received a precious gift; a direct mode of expression that fulfilled my longing for a more natural way to draw. I sensed it would also help others open to their creative source. With this realization came a sense of responsibility. Somehow, I would share this process with the world.”
—Deborah Koff-Chapin

This site provides a rich array of resources growing out of the core experience of Touch Drawing.

The Process of Touch Drawing
Deborah Koff-Chapin’s Art
SoulTouch Coloring Journals



The Process of Touch Drawing See Touch Drawing Videos

Learn about the simple yet profound process of Touch Drawing. Read stories of how people are using it in a vast range of settings. We provide all the educational media & art materials to start on your own. See my schedule of workshops and learn how you can facilitate Touch Drawing. The Annual Touch Drawing Gathering  is the deepest offering of the year.

Deborah Koff-Chapin’s Art

See a vast array of images in the Galleries. View series that reflect transformative processes, and drawings inspired by leading authors and wisdom keepers of our time. Images are available as fine art prints, ecards, and original art. Consider the possibility of an Inner Portrait created for you, in person or via Skype. Read articles and interviews to get a sense of the context in which my work developed.


Out of thousands of images, I selected 120 for intimate use as SoulCards 1 & 2. All SoulCards are also available as  Fine Art Prints & EcardsRead stories of the many ways people use SoulCards, and purchase your own decks. Do you own online reading right now!

SoulTouch Coloring Journals

These coloring journals bring a new level of depth and artistic expression to the coloring craze. The flowing forms of Deborah’s evocative images encourage a creative, free form approach to coloring. The user is also invited to meditate on the image and write on the journal side of the page. Suggestions for holding a coloring and journaling group are included. The 38 drawings in this book are printed on heavy, high quality paper and perforated for easy removal.

Stay in Touch

Check What’s New to see our current activities. Sign the Mailing List to receive inspirational images, stories of how Touch Drawing and SoulCards are being used, and to be notified if I am holding a workshop in your region. I welcome the gifts you bring to this emergent field. Feel free to contact me.


With Blessings,

Deborah Koff-Chapin

Founding director,

The Center for Touch Drawing


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  • Mo Golden of Art Kitchen Interviews Deborah - Mo Golden interviews artist, Deborah Koff-Chapin about her creative process. This is the first of two videos, so check out the next one too. This video series is funded by the viewers. If you want to contribute and enjoy awesome read more...
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