New from Deborah Koff-Chapin!

Series of Five   $13.99 each
These coloring books bring a new level of depth and artistic expression to the coloring craze. The flowing forms of Deborah’s evocative images encourage a creative, free form approach to coloring. The user is also invited to meditate on the image and write on the journal side of the page. Suggestions for holding a coloring and journaling group are included. The 38 drawings in this book are printed on heavy, high quality paper and perforated for easy removal.

click on cover images below to view flip books “look inside”

GOFcover-small Gifts of the Feminine
OTLcover-small Opening to Love
CAcover-small Creative Awakening
LWcover-small Listening Within
FOLcover-small Fullness of Life

ORDER HERE • $12.99 each • all 5 for $50 • colored pencils!
Also available on Amazon. Please ask your local bookstore to carry them & share on social media. 


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Evolve Magazine
“SoulTouchColoring Journals: Years in the Making, But Right on Time”

by Deborah Koff-Chapin Twenty years ago, I released the first deck of SoulCards. They continue to live in the hands and hearts of many thousands of people around the world. Now, I am riding a new wave. As the interest in adult coloring books grows and crests, I offer my images to the world in a new form: SoulTouch Coloring Journals… Read the article PDF here.