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With Special Gift: Midnight Blue Velvet Bag
Use these 60 powerful, evocative full-color images to stimulate personal insight, creativity, deep conversation and more. Read more about SoulCards and see all the images in the SoulCards 1 Gallery. Each deck comes with a manual that supports you to find your own meaning in the cards. It offers a wealth of ideas on how to use them. SoulCards are used by therapists, intuitives, coaches, spiritual directors, workshops leaders, creative writing groups, management groups, support circles and people of all ages who want to explore their souls. They are great for learning to trust your own response and inner wisdom. The outer package can be reused as a frame for the cards. Read the endorsements by highly respected authors. Read stories of the many ways people are using SoulCards.

We have just released 24 precious decks from the first printing in 1995, for sale through the website, to tide us over while we wait for the next printing to be complete. They do not have the large outer box but everything else is the same. While supplies last.

ISBN 978-0-9645623-0-1

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