Women of Wisdom 2016

The 24th Annual Women of Wisdom Conference February 11-15 
This landmark women’s spirituality conference has brought together internationally known and regionally loved presenters, cultivating a strong sense of community in the Northwest. I have been drawing for this conference since at least 1995, only missing a couple of years.
See a retrospective of many past years of Touch Drawing at Women of Wisdom  

Friday Evening Plenary   Dreamdance13

Sacred the evening opened with the angelic vocals of The Luminosas, whose members are Elle McSharry, Susan Dumett and Ines Andrade-Maricle. The first speaker was Lillian Hewkes, founder of Connecting Beyond Bars.  Lillian explores the intersections of gender, trauma, and healing as it relates to our community, land, and our prison system. EagleSong Gardener shared how the words “We call the plants the first people.” can inform our lives. Jarna Joshi spoke about how how climate solutions can fix more than the climate. She also spoke about the recent emergence of the group Women of Color Speak Out. And last but not least, Kris Steinnes, founder of Women of Wisdom, explored what we need to do to become a unified force as women together to become the evolutionary women. 

Saturday Evening Shifting the Dream from Within the Dream
By DreamDance Cascadia with Nina Von Feldmann and Danielle Gennety 

This is a h’art centered, community building, reality shifting experiment within a sacred container.  Live art and music, tea lounge, and DreamGeneration community connection space round out the dance floor.  A guided journey through sound and light, intentionally curated and co-created to facilitate surrendered movement. Hearts connected, we activate a potent Field in which to Dance our Dreams into reality. Sending the Dream out, we Dance for personal and global transformation.


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