Deborah recently had a live public launch of Portals of Presence

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Portals of Presence – Faces drawn from the Subtle Realms

A new deck 20 years in the making NOW AVAILABLE!
Enter a deeper relationship with yourself and the world through the universal language of the human face. The images in this deck were selected from work created in the presence of ancient trees, mountains, standing stones, temples, cathedrals, and human wisdom carriers from many lineages. Each face radiates a unique presence. Think of them as allies, nature spirits, beloveds, or visitors from subtle realms


On my last day in art school in 1974, I had a creative awakening. In a moment of playful exploration, I moved my fingertips on a paper towel instead of wiping the inked plate. Lifting the towel, I saw childlike scrawls on the underside, created by the pressure of my touch. I laughed ecstatically with this discovery! This was a precious gift; a direct mode of expression that fulfilled my longing for a more natural way to draw. I sensed it was emerging for more than my own personal use. With this realization came responsibility. Somehow, I would share this process with the world.

This site provides a rich array of resources growing out of the core experience of Touch Drawing. Check What’s New to see current activities. Sign the Mailing List to receive inspirational images, stories of how Touch Drawing and SoulCards are being used, and know if I a hold a workshop in your region. I welcome the gifts you bring to this creative process. Feel free to contact me.

With Blessings, 
Deborah Koff-Chapin



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