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I am currently at the Parliament of the World’s Religions, doing Touch Drawing during all the main sessions.

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On my last day in art school in 1974, I had a creative awakening. In a moment of playful exploration, I moved my fingertips on a paper towel instead of wiping the inked plate. Lifting the towel, I saw childlike scrawls on the underside, created by the pressure of my touch. I laughed ecstatically with this discovery! This was a direct mode of expression that fulfilled my longing for a more natural way to draw. I sensed it was an emergent creative process to be used by others as well. With this realization came a calling to share this process with the world. 

This site provides a rich array of resources to help you get started doing Touch Drawing. Check the Event Schedule for online workshops and other offerings. Find SoulCards and Portals of Presence decks, and see hundreds of images in the GalleriesSign the Mailing List to keep in touch. I welcome the gifts you bring to this creative process. Feel free to contact me. 

With blessings, Deborah Koff-Chapin, founding director of The Center for Touch Drawing

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