The Image Emerging

Equilibrium – An Image Offering for the Equinox
I created this Touch Drawing while sitting on the beach on my island home on a late summer day. The experience when I draw can range from personal to transpersonal. I always begin with my own self – what are the sensations in my body right now? Can I translate those into marks on the page? Once I am ‘warmed up’, another level might unfold; an image or a presence seems to come through me. this drawing was a particularly clear example of that. It was as if there was a presence right behind the paper and I was just tracing it onto the page with my fingertips. I had my phone with me – so I decided to pick it up and video – one hand holding the camera and the other touching the paper to draw out the image. Experience the emergence of this drawing in the video.

I have been having a joyous time playing with my images in nature. See more on my Instagram feed @deborahsoultouch. Follow me there – It is where I do the most spontaneous sharing. 

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