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The Experience of Touch Drawing

4-hour workshop April 27

Touch Drawing Gathering June 9-15

Touch Drawing is a simple yet profound process. Paper is placed over a smooth layer of paint. The pressure of fingertips on the page forms impressions on the underside. Moving in response to the sensations of the moment, the hands become extensions of the soul. Channels of expression open. Each drawing is a stepping stone deeper into the self, as series of drawings emerges. This act of creation unleashes vibrant forces that guide the psyche toward its innate wholeness. Even a person with little confidence in their art skills can feel  fulfillment, seeing their interior life come alive on the page.Touch Drawing is a practice of creative, psychological and spiritual integration. 

Deborah creates an atmosphere of safety and intimacy in her workshops. She has carefully translated the in-person experience into the online format. Deborah holds sacred space with drum, chimes, crystal bowls and evocative vocal toning while you draw. Drawing sessions are enriched with circle sharing, group vocalizing, creative writing, and meditative movement. This is an immersion is soulful expressive arts. 

Touch Drawing is relevant to artists, therapists, social workers, health care practitioners, educators, chaplains, intuitives and anyone who longs for authentic creative experience. Deborah is particularly interested in introducing Touch Drawing to people who want to facilitate the process in their own field of work. She is happy to talk with you about how you can use Touch Drawing in your particular field. 

If you have a chance...go to this event! I can't say enough about Deborah and Touch Drawing...It simply is one of the best experiences I have ever had! It feeds mind, body, and spirit....I am 50 years old and have been attending workshops for 30 years. Hands down...Deborah's Touch Drawing retreats outshine them all! Go for it!" —Lori Sweet

Deborah Koff-Chapin
has been practicing and teaching Touch Drawing since she began exploring its vast potential in 1974. She weaves Touch Drawing with her evocative singing, drumming, crystal bowls and ceremonial skills to facilitate transformative arts experiences. Deborah has facilitated Touch Drawing at conferences, graduate programs and retreat centers internationally. She is creator of SoulCards 1&2 and Portals of Presence. She is author of Drawing Out Your Soul and The Touch Drawing Facilitator Workbook. Deborah has served on the board of directors of the International Expressive Art Therapy Association. 

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