SoulTouch Coloring Journals – User’s Comments

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Image 1Gabriel Tamaya, United Kingdom Working with the images from the Soul Touch Coloring Journals has allowed me to access the images much more deeply and allow them to speak to me on an entirely different level as well as helping me further access my own inner guidance. I have found that as I start coloring, the image evolves and becomes more personal as I select the colors and expand on the imagery with my own additions. I then work with the finished image through poetry as well as a journaling process. This in turn helps me to access the finished images’ personal teachings for me. I have found this process very useful and the Soul Touch Coloring Journals have now become a welcome and complimentary addition to my personal well being tool kit.

This is one of the soul touch coloring journals images that proved very helpful for me recently, during a stressful time in my life. I keep the image up on my wall as it continues to remind me of its’ teachings for me about what is important in life. I feel I have only scratched the surface of potential with the Soul Touch Coloring Journals and look forward to experimenting with other ways of working with them.”

Linda Graves, Canada
 “I ‘hear’ stories emerge as I color. I generally don’t color all at once. The drawing sits on my worktable. As I pass by I’ll get drawn into the image and work some more. This isn’t just coloring–it’s a journey! When I’m finished I look at them over and over. They will soon be lining the walls of my home along with the favorites of my own drawings! THANK YOU Deborah, for sharing your beautiful images with us! Here is what I wrote for this image “Rays of light shower down as the tribal women carry spice offerings to the elders.”

Every time I’d flip through Fullness of Life coloring journal I’d pass by this image. I’d think…’what was Deborah thinking when she drew this?’ and ‘how am I going to color it?’. First inclination is to go dark. I don’t do dark, I’ve been in the dark and rather not return. So. Here we are with my whimsical dancing skeletons. Their eyes are glitter stars-poor photo.


Junko Kurata, Japan “To me, coloring is like composing a story. The story unfolds as I continue to color. I am amazed how detailed the story can be. I have no idea what it will be like when I finish coloring. This is truly co-creation. The image speaks to my soul, and a story unfolds. I finished coloring this image. When I came back to gaze at it three hours later, I felt something was missing. I added two leaves growing out of a seed. When I was adding the leaves, I kept hearing the words “Life is about celebration,” which came from within.

I titled this image Raven Woman emerges. She is part of me, and also my ally, who knows how to transform the pain of the past into the power of the future. Soul Touch coloring gives me a powerful experience. I always finish with a sense of satisfaction and joy.”


Margaret Diana Stimmel M.A. LPC, NCC “This is a coloring book that invites to be picked up, thumbed through, purchased, and loved because it evokes such curiosity. People will not even realize what it is at first that grabs them except that they like what they feel and will want to know more. What a treasure for people in their personal growth at their own pace one image at a time. These coloring journals are not just for passing time. They invite you to another dimension of coloring you might not have thought possible.

Each person experiences these images differently as an energetic shift, a connection to a part of themselves; the kind that takes your breath away and fills your heart. Coloring the image, seeing it transform, rotating the paper to see it from many different angles; evokes something beyond the ordinary experience of coloring. It is as if I have just experienced timelessness with an element of my own soul as I color. I cannot recall having ever had an experience of this kind from a coloring book. I actually made two of the images my iPhone’s lock screen and wallpaper. Every time I pick up my phone, the eyes are staring back at me. For a split second I experience a knowing with the image, even in the midst of scheduling my work. This series of books is a must have and will give you joy exponentially.


Shanti Wolf, USA “I find SoulTouch enlightening and satisfying for going deeper with my life’s journey. Deborah’s evocative, yet simple images provide a powerful spring board for creative inspiration and experiencing self exploration, affirmation, and healing. 

While working with the “open mind” image, I was tempted to illustrate the yucky stuff that my mind can dish out on occasion. Instead, as I meditated with the image and collage materials, I was guided to embrace my uncomfortable feelings of change, new life beginnings, and taking perceived risks. Basic issues of fear of the unknown came side by side with my belief that life is a gift and to trust what comes my way. I was affirmed to wander beyond my comfort zone and discover the wonder of life as I flow through it.”



Steven Seiden, USA See Steven’s full review on the Huffington Post “I’ve always admired Deborah Koff-Chapin’s artistic talent and commitment to her Touch Drawing process, but when I’ve tried Touch Drawing my pieces haven’t been much to look at. With her SoulTouch Coloring Journals, however, I’ve been able to meld my skills and natural creativity with her amazing images, and that has allowed me to manifest something that I find both artistic and powerful.

All in all, the process of working with this Coloring Journal was magical, effortless and challenging. The challenge was to let go and allow the process to occur in its own time. Once I did that and really trusted the process, everything flowed with ease and grace. Deborah’s SoulTouch Coloring Journals, like her art itself, are a unique gift for all who are willing to step out and partake in a new form of creative awakening. Hopefully, these books will soon become icons of modern personal growth and enlightenment.”


Carol Way, USA “As I sit here remembering my coloring experience with Deborah’s images I can’t help but think about the source. Knowing how these were created from her connection with the all powerful, spontaneous creatives through Touch Drawing, I felt like she was guiding me there as I colored. I am a sculptor so I wanted them to jump off the page to be a very real presence. The process of Touch Drawing helps me to establish that connection, but coloring the master’s images takes you there as well.”


Lizanne Fisher, Canada “Thanks for the colouring book experience!  I must say, when you first talked of your project, I thought ‘Great, but not of much personal interest’.  I always thought of colouring books as colouring between the lines only.  So to experience and see how you are encouraging people to go beyond the lines in so many ways, I feel personally excited. But more – in the world they become a call to go beyond the lines and let creativity flow up and on. So I applaud you and may they flourish, may you flourish through them!”