Drawing During Drumming w/Arthur Hull at Expressive Therapies LA Summit

This was memorable – doing Touch Drawing in the center of who-knows-how-many drummers, percussionists & dancers! We also had a group of Touch Drawers around the edge of the circle – my long-time friends Katrina Plato, Shemaya Blauer and Mukti Khanna. The evening Ecstatic Drum Circle was celebrating the life of Remo Belli, percussion innovator and pioneer in drumming for health. It was led by the father of drum facilitation, Arthur Hull. Dee Wagner inspired the movers. A highlight was when Arthur invited me into the center of the circle. The video below shows me creating one drawing in real-time.  A second drawing is edited for length. I created four drawings in the center, then went out and joined my Touch Drawing friends again. Find out more about the Expressive Therapies Summit. See all the drawings in the gallery below. Signed prints are available in three sizes.