Freeing the Inner Artist – Lissa Kilgore

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I felt an impulse growing in me this year to express myself more freely and more often through creative pursuits.  Write a poem, draw a picture, take a photo, paint something, practice calligraphy, weave a tiny tapestry, do something with my hands.  Let go of outcomes, judgement, shame, etc. and just do it.  This is the frame of mind I was in when Deborah’s email about an upcoming Touch Drawing Workshop over ZOOM landed in my inbox earlier this year.  “Aha!” I thought: what better way to free my inner artist than Touch Drawing!  And I was right.  For four hours we were guided into inner states to allow expression to simply emerge through our hands and fingers onto the moist paper.  At the start of the workshop, we were each asked to describe our reason for being in the workshop and my answer was, “I want to liberate my inner artist.”  As a matter of fact, I exceeded all my expectations, and produced 12 touch drawings in the workshop!  I think the number is significant, because that tells me that I really was “in the flow” and allowing the emergence, rather than trying to exert control.

Into The Vortex

In preparation, I set up my “studio” the day before, then I greeted and made friends with all the tools, materials, and methods we would be using.  I thought through everything, and that fore-thought helped me keep moving seamlessly on workshop day.  As it turned out, that was important to the process:  to stay in motion.  In my altered state of attunement to my inner artist, I invited the field of the Sidhe.  I felt they would really enjoy this, and would help keep me fluid throughout.  And they did.  Here are some examples from my first Touch Drawing from March 2024.

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