Inner Portraits 

An Inner Portrait is a series of Touch Drawings that bring into form subtle dimensions of your soul. In one sitting, you witness me creating twelve to fifteen full size, original drawings. These are timeless creations from which you may receive a lifetime of insight and inspiration. An Inner Portrait serves as a catalyst in the evocation of your inner life. It can be supportive during times of emergence and transition.

During an Inner Portrait session a feeling of sacred timelessness takes hold as we attune to your presence. Guided by a deep felt sense, I use the process of Touch Drawing to create a series of drawings. These faces, symbols and story-like figures seem to take form on the page as direct transmissions of soul and spirit.

I do not interpret the drawings for you. Instead I encourage you to develop your own dynamic relationship with them. You can use the images in conjunction with other creative, spiritual and therapeutic processes. People work with their Inner Portraits over many years, continuing to draw fresh inspiration and insight from the images as their life unfolds. The series of drawings can be held in a portfolio for intimate viewing, or be framed as any fine art on paper.

It is possible to create an Inner Portrait from a distance. A zoom session is amazingly similar to the in-person experience. We have direct contact in the opening meditation, and you see the drawings as they are created. I photograph the drawings and send digital images so you can see them right away, and ship the originals to you. 

Cost: You receive a set of signed, original, archival drawings valued at many times the amount paid. I ask $500 for a full series with approximately 10-15 drawings. I can also create a relationship series, with a set for each individual plus a series for the relationship, for $1,200. Cost of shipping is added when we work at a distance via zoom. Images can be selected for color enhancement at $300 per drawing. The first gallery below displays examples of Inner Portrait drawings before and after color enhancement. 

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As each portrait was peeled from Deborah's board, I sensed that an aspect of my soul had funneled its essence into her fingertips as they rubbed an image alive on paper ... The images were profound for me." —C.S.

I have never felt so deeply seen ... It is an incredibly powerful process." —J.B.

It was as though the ink and paper were the birth canal through which my spirit guides were manifesting themselves on the physical plane." —J.M.