Touch Drawing Gathering Photos 2004

Images from the 8th Annual 

Touch Drawing Gathering; June 2004

This year we met at the sparkling Circle of Teran in Ashland, Oregon. It was a glorious time filled with creative energy and vision.

Slide Show 1 The core of our time is spent gazing inward through Touch Drawing.
Slide Show 2 As we emerge from our depths, it is so satisfying to have the loving witnessing of partners.
Slide Show 3 We have time to integrate and reflect through writing, movement and nature.
Slide Show 4 We create a glorious ‘creative mess’ as we embellish our drawings with color. What a celebration!
Slide Show 5 Having drawn out our own souls so fully, we are now ready to draw images of deep significance for a partner. Each person is holding one of the ‘Inner Portraits’ created for them.
Slide Show 6 A joyful ritual of the Touch Drawing Gathering is to have our portraits taken with one of our drawings.
Slide Show 7 There are many other magical moments, people, places and images at the Touch Drawing Gathering.



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