Touch Drawing Gathering Photos 2016

Ready for arrivals, decorating folders to hold drawings, and opening our sacred circle. 

The core of our time each day is to dive deep through Touch Drawing.

Reflecting on our drawings through movement and quiet reflection, then sharing in circle and with partners.  

Meeting in the sanctuary, we witness partners stories of creating intuitive drawings for each other.


A day of silence in nature, then continuing our silence together in the sanctuary.


Coloring our drawings has a joyful celebrational quality after the silence.

Expanding our focus beyond the personal as we walk the into the labyrinth, draw in the center and walk out with our images and prayers.


During our final evening together we take a portrait of each shining soul, and then dance and embody our fullness.


As we close the week, we bless the seeds of possibility that have germinated in our souls and share gratitude. That evening many of us gather on the front porch of my home. Gradual departure allows for integration and a gentler transition.