Touch Drawing Gathering Photos 2017

OPENING CIRCLE:  After a relaxed afternoon of arrivals, dinner and a contemplative land walk, we gather and light candles to open the sacred circle.

DEEP DRAWING: Each day revolves around time diving into our souls through Touch Drawing. 

SHARING WITH PARTNERS: When we sit together for intimate sharing, we can see our images in new ways and enter soulful conversation. 

CONTEMPLATIVE TIME: Intensive drawing sessions are balanced with time to be on the earth, write, reflect and play music. 

WITNESSING INNER PORTRAITS: We meet in the sanctuary to see the powerful work that emerged from our intuitive drawing session. It is uncanny to know the deep significance an image has when it was created by a partner from a space of trust and openess. 

SILENT DAY: After all the intense focus, we enter a day of silence. Some choose to stay at the retreat center while others have a few hours on the beach. We meet in silence in the Sanctuary to contemplate our drawings, write and move. 

COLORING: We let loose and make a ‘creative mess’ as we mount and enrich our drawings with color. 

LABYRINTH: We set up a circle of drawing materials in the center of the Chartres-style labyrinth. Then we can walk to the center, draw and carry image back out. During this expansive drawing session, our focus is attunement to the earth and holding a vision of h healing and wholeness. 

TRANSPERSONAL DRAWINGS: When we hold a larger intention as we do during the Labyrinth session, the images that emerge have a more universal and planetary quality. Each gatherer selected one or two of theirs to share. 

JOYOUS PORTRAITS: On our final evening we dress in celebrational clothing and chose a drawing to hold for a portrait to capture the fullness of this moment.

CELEBRATION AND INTEGRATION: We transform our studio onto a sacred dance floor for the ceremonial evening of moving and drumming; a time to integrate and open to the transformational energies we have generated. The final morning is a time to harvest and envision what we will bring back into our lives. For those who can stay after formal closure, we relax with a pizza dinner on Deborah’s front porch.