July 14-19, 2019

The Gathering is a six-day intensive that provides a deep immersion in the process of Touch Drawing. Held within the beauty of the forest and the safety of the circle, you are invited to embody your creative soul. Oriented to people who feel a calling to share Touch Drawing, this experience provides the fertile ground out of which your own way of facilitating can grow.

The Gathering has a sacred and joyous quality. Words fail to adequately describe it.
 Drawing sessions are deep and expansive.  I hold space with the heartbeat of the drum, crystal bowls and vocal toning. Reflective writing, gentle movement, vocal practices and group sharing are woven through each day. These creative processes compliment the deep drawing sessions and help you explore the images that emerge. Afternoon quiet times and a day of silence allow for integration and renewal. In the course of the week, our focus moves through an organic progression: from personal, to interpersonal, to transpersonal. Together we generate an atmosphere that enlivens and inspires. 

The Gathering is for people who are interested in bringing Touch Drawing into their work in their own unique ways. I am available to talk with you about your particular interests during mealtimes, and encourage attendees with common interests to connect. An online community will support you after the Gathering. If you are a therapist, educator, counselor, artist, social worker, intuitive, health practitioner, body worker, spiritual director, healer, life coach, expressive arts facilitator, community volunteer or student in these fields, you will be empowered to integrate this dynamic creative process into your work. Read about facilitating Touch Drawing.

To get a sense of this unique event, immerse yourself in last year’s Gathering slide show or scroll down to see images from many years. To get a feeling for the flow of the week, see What We Do and the Daily Schedule.  Reflections from participants convey some of the ineffable qualities of the Gathering. Watch the video Reflections on Touch Drawing, filmed at the Gathering. Many common questions are addressed in the FAQ. 

We meet at The Chinook Center, amidst 100 acres of forest on Whidbey Island, Washington. This is a place of deep spirit, nature and beauty. Our sacred studio is the awe-inspiring Thomas Berry Hall. My husband Ross Chapin was the architect for this and other buildings. This year we have  new cabins with indoor bathrooms! We have a long relationship with this place and it holds the Gathering in blessing.

We walk and draw in the large Chartres-style outdoor labyrinth. Sacred sites such as the Woodland Sanctuary and ‘Earth Nest’ are available for quiet times. There are miles of trails through the forest. On our day of silence, chose to pack your lunch and art materials, and go to a beach facing the majestic Olympic Mountains. Or settle into the peace of our retreat center for the day. On our final evening, we hold a sacred space through movement, drumming, vocalizing in the mandala of the ‘Longdance’, to integrate and embody the transformative vision of our time together. 

Our meals are prepared by an inspired chef who uses produce from the garden and local farmers. Every bite is truly a delight, and her service is loving and abundant. Much of her cooking is gluten and dairy free, with vegetarian options always available. 

On our last day, you are invited to stay for a relaxed afternoon in the seaside village of Langley, and share a pizza dinner on my front porch. This integration time is an enriching part of the whole experience. 
Join us if you feel the call! 
Blessings, Deborah Koff-Chapin

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2019 Gathering not yet open for registration 
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• Immerse in the sacredness of the creative process.
• Meet & be inspired by kindred souls
• Reflect on your images through poetic writing.
• Open your voice through vibrational sound practices.
• Attune to subtle energies through awareness & movement practices.
• Develop trust in your intuition by creating drawings for a partner.
• Settle into silence in an old growth forest & driftwood beach.
• Bring your images to greater fruition by mounting & coloring.
• Integrate Touch Drawing & Expressive Arts into your life & work.
• Celebrate & Integrate through the ‘Long Dance’.


All the details you need to know:
Travel, Timing, Rooms, Fees

2019 Gathering not yet open for registration 
Save $100 if you register by April 1

Feel free to email or call 360-221-5745 with questions.