July 14-19, 2019

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 A deposit of $300 will hold your place. You will receive an invoice for remaining balance. Remaining balance is due by June 8. We will send your invoice again with the amount due two weeks prior to this date. You are welcome to pay the full amount sooner via a payment link on your invoice. If you prefer to pay by check, fill out this registration form and mail check to The Center for Touch Drawing, PO Box 1595, Langley, WA 98260.

Read about accommodations, costs, refund, facilities & travel information before registering.

*All fields on this form are required. If you don’t have a response, put a random mark in it.  This is the only way to move on to the deposit payment page.   

Gathering Registration and Deposit


July 14-19, 2019

General Information *

(1) How did you hear of this retreat *

(2) If you have attended the Gathering before *

Please share a little about what has transpired in your life since attending and why you feel called to return. If you have any suggestions for this year’s Gathering, please share them here.

(3) If this is your first Gathering *

Please tell us a little about your background and what brings you to an interest in attending. Include any experience you have had with Touch Drawing, and settings in which you envision passing the process along to others.

(4) Please share any dietary restrictions, health issues, physical limitations or psychological situations we should know about. *

We assume attendees have the ability to take responsibility for personal issues if they come up. But we do have someone on staff for support in the rare case of emotional crisis.

(5) What qualities or skills do you have that might enrich the Gathering community, or support the dissemination of Touch Drawing? *

(6) Please share the following information for our participant list. *

(7) Room and Board

Three fine home cooked meals, all beverages and snacks with local organic produce. Rooms are simple. All bathrooms are shared. Campers and cabins use bath house.

(7a) First Room Choice *

All accommodation prices include meals and tax

(7b) Second Room Choice *

All accommodation prices include meals and tax

Friday Night Stay *

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Our shopping cart uses PayPal but you do not need a Papal account to pay with a credit card. When your registration is complete you will receive a page with important preparation and travel details. Read it carefully before making airline reservations.   
Scholarship Fund Help make it possible for someone without financial resources to attend the Gathering. We are particularly interested supporting younger people who are developing careers in creative facilitation to attend. This is how Touch Drawing will live into the future! Any amount is so appreciated. If you would like a charitable tax deduction, you can donate through Whidbey Institute. Contact us to arrange this. 

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Tuition and Room & Board including all taxes 

Lodging Choices Lodging  Meals & Tax     Tuition     (Includes Materials) Extended Final Pricing after 4/14/2019 Price with Early Bird Discount by 4/01/2019
Private Room $775. $745. $1,520. $1,420.
Double Room $695. $745. $1,440.  1,340.
Private w/In-House Bath (One bath for two) $820. $745. $1,565. $1,465.
Double Cabin w/ In House Bath (One bath for four) $695. $745. $1,440. $1,340.
Double  Live Edge Cabin with walk to bathrooms $695. $745. $1,440. $1,340.
Legacy Private Cabin with walk to shared bathroom  $775. $745. $1,520. $1,420.
Legacy Double Cabin with walk to bathroom  $695. $745. $1,440. $1,340.
TENT CAMPING  $450. $745. $1,195 $1,095.
DAY USE $375. $745. $1,120. $1,020.
  • Early bird rate available through April 1. We have not raised this price in more years than we can remember. This year we raised tuition $50 and added an afternoon session on Friday. Room&board rates are up $25 to cover Friday night dinner at the beach. 
  • The remaining balance is due by June 14. You are welcome to pay full amount sooner via link on your invoice. We will resend your invoice two weeks prior to payment deadline. 
  • Deposit minus $75 processing fee is refundable through June 14  
  • If you cancel after June 14 your deposit is not refundable. 
  • If you cancel after June 30, your fees are not refundable. We would do our best to find a scholarship recipient to take your place.