I Love SoulCards

I was asked to create a video about SoulCards for one of the distributors. It was a joyous experience to reach out to SoulCards users and receive testimonial videos from them. There is lots of energy around SoulCards these days!  —Deborah

I absolutely love these cards. They are magical. Definitely sent from the collective divine in all of us. They speak deep into my core into my light and shadows." —V. Flowers

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  1. Angela Leigh Carney-Reeves

    I don’t like that the cards, once drawn don’t give any explanation or meaning behind the cards?. It’s very confusing

    1. Deborah Koff-Chapin

      Hello Angela – I understand – SoulCards are different from standard oracle decks that come with meanings for each card. Yes, it can be disorienting. SoulCards are more like
      ‘projective devices’ (a psychological term) this means that your direct experience and your own response is HOAW you find meaning. if you read the little guidebook, you will find simple exercises like reflective writing, to help you find personal meaning. I hope this is helpful. From time to time I have heard from people who did not relate to the SoulCards at first, but at a different phase of life, they did.

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