In Our Right Minds – A Conversation with Dale Allen & Deborah Koff-Chapin

Dale Allen has for 25 years shared the healing energy of the sacred feminine through her work: In Our Right Minds, which has been widely acclaimed at universities, conferences, corporations, theaters, and expos across the US, Canada, from Kauai to Dubai, the UN Commission on the Status of Women, and the Parliament of the World’s Religions.  Deborah Koff-Chapin’s profound art has been with Dale all along, first featured in the one-woman touring show. Dale’s new book on Amazon is an International Bestseller. The film version has been awarded in 19 Independent Film Festivals worldwide.  Deborah’s soulful touch drawings, among the art of In Our Right Minds,convey the beauty and strength of the feminine energy that is a part of all us.  In Our Right Minds is a sweeping journey covered efficiently and clearly in short order – judiciously illuminating the history and relevance of the Goddess archetype, its impact on societies where this archetype is active, as well as its connection to our right-brain way of both attending to – and shaping – the world.  In Our Right Minds garners praise for well-researched, organized, clear, level, balanced, without blame, and inclusive of all the human family – as well as richly poetic, artistic, and captivating. 
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  1. Dale Allen

    Deborah, it is such a joy to celebrate you and 5o years of Touch Drawing! It has been my honor to present your powerful artworks in the ongoing iterations of “In Our Right Minds” since 1999! Thank you for sharing your soulful gifts.

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