International Expressive Art Therapy Association

Conference May 23-27, 2007, Boone, North Carolina

Drawings were created during plenary sessions of the conference entitled Expressive Arts and the Earth: Ancient Mountains, Whispering Waters, Sacred Stones. The International Expressive Arts Therapy Association serves as a non-profit professional organization to inspire, stimulate and support the creative and artistic spirit of its community and provides an on-going local and global information exchange within the Expressive Arts field for Artists, Educators, Therapists and Other Creative-Minded Individuals. This is my ‘home organization’. I served on the board for for four years.

If you would like to order a signed, archival fine art print, write down the ID Code of your chosen images and click here to order. If you are interested in purchasing an original, contact us at 20% of proceeds from the sale of prints and originals will be donated to IEATA.

Opening Ceremony with Paulus Berensohn

Illumination the Theoretical: Celebrating Expressive Arts Theory in Practice with Maria Gonzalez Blue, Shaun McNiff, Paolo Knill

Expressive Arts: Emergence of a Field with Stephen Levine, Jack Weller, Daria Halpern, Ellen Levine, Karen Estrella, Sally Atkins

Touching the Earth: An Expressive Arts Walk for Peace with Jack Weller

Star Ceremony in the Labyrinth with Paulus Berensohn

Who is in my temple?
All the doors do open themselves
All the lamps light themselves
Darkness, like a dark bird,
Flies away, oh flies away
                                –author unknown