Dawn of Interspirituality Conference 2013

This was a seminal conference with religious leaders from all over the world exploring the common core truths of all faiths, newly emerging forms of spirituality, and the fruits of 30 years of the Snowmass Conferences. As intepretive artist, Deborah Koff-Chapin created Touch Drawings during many presentations, translating their content into images. Scroll down to see more photos of the drawings filling the meeting hall. The name of the person for who Deborah was drawing is on each enlarged image.

Order signed fine art prints in a range of sizes & prices from $30. via link on image.
Contact Deborah about originals or permission to reproduce. Images can be enhanced with color.
September 29-October 4, 2013 in Mount Vernon, Washington.

IMG_3549 IMG_3662

Sunday Evening – September 29

Monday – September 30

Tuesday – October 1

Wednesday – October 2

Thursday – October 3

Touch Drawings at the Interspirituality Conference