Interview with Herbalist Susun Weed

This was more like a conversation between friends than an interview. Susan asked about the process of creating the SoulTouch Coloring Journals, and other probing questions about my work. We just had a great conversation. It’s 30 minutes of her 90 minute show.

Susun Weed hosts a 30 minute interview with Deborah Koff-Chapin. Deborah has been developing Touch Drawing since she came upon it in as a creative inspiration in 1974. She has introduced the process at conferences and graduate programs internationally. Deborah is creator of the best-selling decks, SoulCards 1&2 and author of Drawing Out Your Soul. Her newest project is the series of five SoulTouch Coloring Journals. She has served as Interpretive Artist at numerous conferences, including recently at the Parliament of the Worlds Religions. Find out more at

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