My Touch Drawing Journey – Juan Aguirre Vergara

Hello, I’m from Chile, working as a psychologist, specialist in deep psychology, Jungian psychology, with a long experience in inner work and soul work, also long time traveler on the Sufi Path. I work leading dreams work groups and one to one psychotherapy.

I discovered in Touch Drawing an incredible way to connect, explore and express the different landscapes and selves of my soul, my inner complex and the Archetypal inner world. Sometimes I work over the original touch drawing, painting, coloring or editing using different materials and techniques including digital editions but trying to maintain live the spirit of the original touch drawing art piece. 



Inner Family Touch Drawings

The experience with touch drawing has been really powerful to connect with different aspects of my inner world, to let the inner images come to the surface, literally to the paper through my fingers, without any preconceptions ideas or concept in a very pure way, is an ever amazing experience, one of the most beautiful and transformative works I have done. These are part of a series about my inner family, about parenting and childhood healing, the inner mother, father and child constellation transformational process.


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