At the Pool of Wonder – Marcy Lauck

Dearest Deborah,

It was such a blessing nearly 50 years ago when my dreaming and your images found such a potent marriage in At the Pool of Wonder: Dreams and Visions of an Awakening Humanity. I have cherished memories of our work together as we brought the book to fruition and then of our travels across the country to share it with others through an immersive experience of the dreamtime. As I write this, I’ve flashed on being in Chicago at The Association for the Study of Dreams conference when you painted my face for the Dream Ball and in doing so brought The Great Blue One of the bird tribes through the veil. There will always be magic for me in watching your hands deftly reach into the Other World and bring forth the soulful images of those who walk unseen beside us. We wake up each morning under the electrifying image of “The Firebird,” and “The Spirit of the Mountain” continues to faithfully overlight the sacred space of our home.  And now 50 years have flown! You have been a faithful steward of this profound gift that came to you in the print shop during your last days at Cooper Union and the world has been –and continues to be– immeasurably enriched. We are so blessed!

With deepest peace and love,



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