Celebrations and Transformations – Mukti Khanna

Touch Drawing has been the manifestation of Jungian synchronicity in my personal and professional life since meeting Deborah Koff-Chapin on a bus in Boston on the way to the International Expressive Arts Therapy conference in 1997. Over the last 24 years, Touch Drawing continues to be a touchstone to go deeper in the realms of wholeness, intuitive guidance and transformation. I have been fortunate to attend many Gatherings over the years and evolve with the process as it continues to evolve to serve the Collective. I know the process is truly a catalyst for personal and planetary transformation.

I feel fortunate to have been able to stay connected with the Touch Drawing community through the right use of technology during the pandemic to source Resourcing, Connection and Community. I have integrated touch drawing into clinical practice to help integrated complex PTSD, grief and other mental health projects. I have introduced touch drawing in diverse educational settings to support prevention and wellness. During this time of change and challenge, I hope that the mental health colleagues that I have been fortunate to train in touch drawing in both Russia and Gaza can tap into the Essence of the Process to find safety and stability, love and connection from their Deepest Knowing, regardless of external circumstances or availability of materials.

I truly believe that Touch Drawing is a catalyst to remember our Common Humanity and Evolutionary Potential during this time of momentous planetary change. I look forward to continue to be in connection with the ever expanding Touch Drawing community during the next 50 years and beyond! Thank you Deborah for your commitment to Touch Drawing and transformation for All!

Mukti Khanna, Ph.D. is a Person Centered Expressive Arts Therapist, clinical psychologist and student of world medical systems including Maharishi AyurVeda, Medical Qigong and Jin Shin Jyutsu – working to promote community, individual and cultural well being.

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