Sacred Activism Conference

It was an honor to do Interpretive Touch Drawing at Wisdom University’s first Sacred Activism Conference May 11-13, 2006. If you attended the conference, you can use these images to bring back the feeling-tone of each keynote presentation. If you did not attend, you can use them to touch into the spirit of the event. Think of them as notes from the soul!

You are welcome to use these images as screeen savers to keep the inspiration alive. You can also order prints in small, meduim and large sizes. These prints are signed, archival and beautiful. Order prints here. If you are interested in purchasing an original, please contact me at Prices on these will vary. I might also enhance some of them with color in the coming weeks. 20% of the proceeds from the sale of prints and originals will be donatated to Wisdom University. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. 

Preconference Day:
Caroline Myss – Sacred Activist as Mystic, Warrior and Healer

Opening Evening:
JIm Garrison – Welcome
Sheley Secrest – A Contemporary Look at Urban Concerns
Cindy Sheehan – Stop the War in Iraq
Robert F Kennedy, Jr. – Environment, Race & the Future of America
Caroline Myss – The Sacred Activist

Day One of Conference:
Jean Houston – Re-Imaging the Future
Betsy Beckman – Liturgical Dancing
Engaging the Common Wisdom -Bill Aal, Susan Burns & Peggy Holma
Kathianne Lewis – Sacred Activism Where Little is Held Sacred
Dr. Bill Grace – The Challenge of Deep Hope
Rev Dr Jack Sullivan, Jr. – Overcoming Chaotic Compartmentalism: Building New Communities of Diversity with Integrity Among Progressives

Day Two of Conference:
Walter Link – The Wisdom Civilization
Michael Lerner – A New Covenant with America (drawn during michael lerner and Paul Ray)
Paul Ray – A New Political Compass for America
Margot Adair – Facilitated Group Process

Closing Evening
Barbara Marx Hubbard – The Evolving Human
Marianne Williamson – Bringing Back the Center
Betsy Beckman – Liturgical Dance
Total Experience Gospel Choir
Jim Garrison