hearthandsDeborah has followed her calling to share Touch Drawing, presenting workshops at numerous conferences and educational institutions. She has a unique way of holding space for people to dive deep into their souls. Integrating expressive arts modalities such as movement, group vocalizing, and writing, she crafts each workshop as a transformative experience. Deborah generates a sacred sound field during drawing sessions with her voice, drum, chimes and crystal bowls.  More about Deborah’s workshops

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Twice Monthly Sacred Song Baths on Whidbey Island and occasionally other locations
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• Tuesday, November 26, 7-8pm at Healing Circles in Langley
• Tuesday, December 10, 7-8pm at Healing Circles in Langley  
• Wednesday December 18, 7-8pm at Aldermarsh in Clinton
• Wednesday, January 8, 7-8pm at Healing Circles in Langley
• Wednesday January 15, 7-8pm at Aldermarsh in Clinton
• Wednesday, February 5, 7-8pm at Healing Circles in Langley
• Wednesday February 12, 7-8pm at Aldermarsh in Clinton
• Wednesday , March 4, 7-8pm at Aldermarsh in Clinton
• Wednesday, March 11, 7-8pm at Healing Circles in Langley
• Wednesday, April 15, 7-8pm at Healing Circles in Langley  
• Wednesday , April 29, 7-8pm at Aldermarsh in Clinton
• Wednesday, May 13, 7-8pm at Healing Circles in Langley
• Wednesday May 20, 7-8pm at Aldermarsh in Clinton

March 26-29 in Phoenix, Arizona
International Expressive Art Therapy Association Conference
Deborah is currently in discussions re: various creative engagements with the conference.
We will update as  this becomes clear. It is always a dynamic and experiential event. 
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April 3-5, 2020 in Rowe, Massachusetts Save the date! 
A Weekend Touch Drawing Retreat at Rowe Center
Deborah returns to this beloved place in western Massachusetts. A strong sense of creative community is developing as people return from year to year. Join us! 
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June 25-29 in Twisp, Washington
Fairy & Human Relations Congress 
This joyous gathering is dedicated to developing relationship with the subtle realms of life. Deborah will offer a Touch Drawing workshop, Song Bath and do interpretive Touch Drawing. She also helps weave the Saturday evening ritual. 
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July 12-18, 2020 on Whidbey Island, Washington Save the date! Registration opens in mid-to-late January
The Gathering is the deepest experience I offer each year. It is oriented to people who feel inspired to bring the process into their own lives and share it with others in their unique ways. The final details are not yet set. Plan to stay Friday night for our closing evening. If time allows, come for breakfast at my home Saturday  July 18. We will open registration in January 2020. Sign the mailing list to be notified. We expect to fill early.
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I am keeping a light travel schedule in the coming months to make time for new projects. I am working on a new deck in celebration of SoulCards 25th anniversary in 2020! This will be very different than SoulCards, and will be a harvest of more than twenty years of work. I will also be creating a recording of my singing with crystal bowls. Plus – I am putting better support for Touch Drawing Facilitators on the front burner. Deborah
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Deborah is currently focusing on options for presenting live video Touch Drawing webinars. She is open to creating a live video workshop with a group you bring together.  
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Do Touch Drawing anywhere, anytime, by yourself or with family, friends and colleagues
You can begin Touch Drawing using educational media (digital downloads available) & materials kits. 
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