SoulCards in China

We have just completed the sixth reprint of SoulCards 1, which makes 61,000 of this deck now in print! We included a special edition of 1,100 decks for Steven Lam. He is director of the Institute for Clinical and Advanced Hypnosis in Hong Kong. He has been using SoulCards in his practice and teaching, and finds that the images assist people in his culture to access depth levels of their psyches. He believes so deeply in the power of SoulCards that he has moved ahead with this project even in this time of international economic insecurity. He has set up distribution arrangements for SoulCards in China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Macao.

Steven came to the Touch Drawing Gathering last summer, and envisions introducing the process in China as well. Please join me in wishing him the best of blessings in this great cross-cultural exploration.

If you have any helpful connections in the region, please contact Steven at or send people to his website,