SoulCards Inspire a New Generation

Deborah Koff-Chapin “I was shocked to find SoulCards were created in the 90’s! The art is timeless, seeming to spring forth from the void of eternal knowing, truth, and love. I’m completely smitten.“ In reaching out to SoulCards users online as I prepared to write this article, I received the above comment. I thought to myself – she was talking as though the nineties was another era – I must be getting old! I responded to her – You were shocked that they were created in the 90’s – meaning that seems like a long time ago? Her reply: “Deborah, I was shocked because I have other decks created in the 90’s and they have a dated feel. When I finally learned about SoulCards, I thought it was a new deck hitting the oracle/tarot community. Which made me realize your art style is timeless. I think it’s because you paint from your soul and don’t worry about what is trendy or popular at the moment.” I have to admit, this is true. I didn’t set out to create an oracle deck. I just created images – thousands of images. SoulCards are a vessel through which some of them became an intimate part of many lives. When I published them independently in 1995, I really stepped out on a limb.  A friend had been using photographs of my work in his intuitive readings. He said they opened a door to his inner knowing, bypassing his usual mental framework when using Tarot. The images catalyzed direct, deep insight. He was so excited. He kept telling me “You have to do the deck – it doesn’t matter what you call it – just do the deck!” Though I felt some resistance, I also sensed something energizing this idea. It empowered me to dive into the process of publishing. I looked through hundreds of images, selecting 60 that covered a full spectrum of human feeling. I wrote the simple guidebook, found a printer, borrowed money and ordered 15,000 decks – which was actually a crazy thing to do. I marketed to the network of independent bookstores and found a few wholesale suppliers. The first printing sold out in one year! Sales quieted down but were steady after their successful release. I just let SoulCards live their life through word of mouth. Over 90,000 decks have found their way into peoples hands and hearts around the world. Recently, sales having been picking up again without any effort on my part. In exploring social media, I discovered  a world of wise, creative people posting about SoulCards – in  aesthetic arrangements on Instagram, and offering readings and reflections on Youtube. SoulCards are finding a new generation of enthusiastic users. Though this generation loves their social media, the physical deck, shuffled and held in their hands, is as essential as ever. I am now connecting with many of these wonderful people, and even opened a SoulCards user group on Facebook. You are welcome to join us there! I am touched and honored to share reflections from some of this new generation of passionate SoulCards users.

Finding SoulCards on Instagram and Using Them to Write My Own Life Story

Erica Franks Van Orden Friends of mine, who go by @Ace of Tarot and @Soulful Owl Tarot on Instagram, co-created #soulcardsunday. This put SoulCards on my radar. I collect tarot and oracle decks but I have never been so drawn to a deck(s).  SoulCards move me on a soul level. I use them when I want to self evaluate, do shadow work, and journal. I use them to communicate with my guides when I need guidance. I love that there are no meanings or key words attached to these cards. This really allows me to expand my intuition and take time to meditate and reflect on the emotions that arise when using the cards. I believe our reality is created through imagination, and SoulCards are powerful tools that help me write my own life story.

Finding a New Story with a Familiar Card

Giuliana Maria Ramirez I was first introduced to these creations through a YouTuber and strong voice in the card reading community, Avalon Cameron. She is quite vocal about how much she loves these cards. She always uses a SoulCard to open her readings. This sets the theme and evokes a message from your energy. I was fortunate enough to have received a reading from her several years ago. Once I caught a glimpse, I knew I had to have them. I was thoroughly inspired and felt a tug at my imagination and the voice of my own soul through Deborah’s imagery. I write and keep a daily journal. Even though, I, too, give readings, from time to time, this is where my use of the SoulCards comes into play. I pull a random card for a journal prompt or select one with intention, to focus and inspire and further draw out the words. I also use Soul Cards to help elaborate on my dream fragments. SoulCards are perfect for this kind of work because they feel dreamlike, ethereal, yet earthy and anchored. Soul Cards also inspired me to begin implementing more artwork into my daily journal writing. I always loved art as a teenager, but let it fall to the wayside. I am so glad I picked it back up. I have suffered my own intense moments in life; tragedies surrounding family violence, difficult labor and birth of my son, toxic relationships and a spirit-depleting career path. SoulCards has been instrumental in helping me confront poor body image and meet my inner child. They have allowed me to open my heart to my own creativity without judgment. This gives me great joy. I feel comforted by these cards, while simultaneously experiencing challenge. It’s wonderful to find a new story, especially your own myths, evolving with each new visit with a familiar card.

SoulCards Tap into that Beautiful Ancient Part of Who We Are

Avalon Cameron I like to get to know, relish and experience my spiritual tools. When I had my first look through SoulCards I was immediately taken. They are the type of art that I could lose myself in,  that my eyes might not recognize immediately, but that my soul does. When I noticed the lack of keywords or written descriptions in the humble guidebook, I was overcome with a sense of liberation. There was nothing to influence me aside from the artwork itself. I have had a lot of time to play with SoulCards 1&2. Both decks are proud staples in my rather vast collection of cards. Each of my readings begins with one or more SoulCards. They set the tone, tap into the crux of the matter, and give an insightful overview into the situation. For some, connection to intuitive faculties has been marred through life experience. SoulCards are incredible medicine for these types of individuals who have experienced such a disconnect. Healthy connection to our intuitive faculties is imperative to living a balanced life, a life where we feel connected, aware, mindful. SoulCards unleash the muse and connect with the priestess within. They help to step into the archetype of Seer, thus drawing forth vast wisdom. SoulCards assist in tapping into that beautiful ancient part of who we are – the wild and unbridled part, our raw creative centre. SoulCards are a beautiful tool for fostering intuition, the healthy growth of our inner landscapes and a natural reliance on our own unique wisdom. 

Dance and Soul-Spirit Dolls Inspired by SoulCards

Alison J Adamson I pick a card and sit with it a while, connecting to it before I move. This card spoke to me of pain and despair – not only personal loss but also what is happening to the animal and human kingdoms on this earth. As I entered the dance, I let go of all my thoughts, while keeping the intention to use this card as a doorway.  My dance showed me many things from colours, to words, to images. I then went for a walk on our land and asked spirit to gift me with a piece of wood to start my spirit doll. In the mud was a tiny piece of our big old ash tree, which had fallen the year before. I knew this connected with the “death” aspect of my spirit doll. Where there is death there is life; endings bring new beginnings. Whilst creating her, I was reminded of the importance of what happens between these two stages; the importance of being fully present, of being the best we possibly can be, of loving holding space for each other without judgment. In a world that can feel shrouded in darkness, I found hope….she is that “Glimmer of Hope”. 

SoulCards Invite Intuition to Blossom

Joyce St. Germaine, Shamanic Practitioner, Teacher, Intuitive Reader, Spiritual Counselor I use SoulCards in my Psychic/Spiritual Development Study Groups. Participants range from ages 20’s-60’s. I was inspired to introduce the SoulCards because my students seemed hesitant to practice intuitive readings without visual aids. As an artist and retired art teacher, I know the power of visual communication. So, using what I have learned through my spiritual studies, I applied what I knew about colors, chakras, and placement to the cards. SoulCards 1 is used to gather information about a person’s core self.  Soul Cards 2 is used to gather information about a person in relationship to the world around them…romantic, business, family, etc.. Encouraging careful observations of the artwork, I invited students to notice details such as whether the eyes are open or closed. The  tilt of a head provides clues about where the person is placing their attention…past, present, future and whether they focus more on spiritual or physical issues. Hand positions and poses give clues to intentions such as surrendering, offering, receiving. Feminine and masculine traits are inferred by left and right sides of the body and chakra information is translated by color and placement. I sometimes incorporate Shamanic symbolism. Working in partnership with these cards, students seemed more confident to invite their intuition to blossom. It seems natural to apply sacred teachings to these extraordinary, beautiful, expressive images!


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