Frequently Asked Questions about SoulCards

When are you going to do another deck?
From time to time over the last 10 or more years I have had a strong sense that there IS another deck wanting to happen; one that is quite different from the SoulCards. One of the deepest aspects of my Touch Drawing has been a focus on ‘Inner Faces’. I hesitate to define or identify them too specifically. When I create them, it feels like I am translating a subtle presence into human form. Over the years I have drawn countless faces, each one a unique presence. There have been times when I felt so strongly that they WANT to be out there, to be used as portals to some deeper awareness. And other times I wondered if they have have the dramatic power to hold their own in this hyperactive world. But it now seems like they have just been waiting for their time. I am currently working on all the steps of publishing this deck, to be released in fall 2020. The working title is Portals of Presence. If you want to receive notice of their release, sign the mailing list.

Why doesn’t the manual give the meanings of the cards?
The images in SoulCards are works of art, not illustration to spiritual texts. There is not one set meaning for any images. Rather, you are encouraged to explore what the images evoke in you. You can see them as a glorified ‘rorschak’ test. Each deck comes with a 36 page guidebook that offers simple, creative ways to interact with the cards.

Some of the images seem intense or pained. Why?
When the artist was selecting the images to be included in the deck, she wanted to reflect a broad range of human feeling. The intention is to honor all life experience. An image that seems difficult to one person might seem ecstatic to another. Even the same person will see the images differently at different times.

What do I do with these cards?
It can be as simple as selecting a single card and keeping it visible for a time as a source of insight. They can be used to inspire creative writing or personal reflection through private journaling or discussion with friends. SoulCards evoke creativity through storytelling, poetry writing or giving an image a title. People might be inspired to create their own images in response to their selected SoulCard. The guidebook offers many creative processes for engaging with the images. SoulCards are a wonderful ‘ice breaker’ in groups. Each person chooses a card and talks about what it evokes in them. They are used in therapeutic settings, hospitals, support groups, art classes, personal growth workshops, feng shui, creative writing groups and dance classes, etc.

Who likes to use these cards?
Since SoulCards are free of the ‘occult’ association of Tarot, they are accessible to a broad range of people interested in creativity, soul, art, psychology, spirituality, goddess, self help and personal growth and healing. They are used by therapists, intuitive counselors, workshop leaders, in hospitals, creative writing groups, families, women’s circles and cultural creatives. SoulCards appeal to all ages. Children and teens are assisted in verbalizing from a deeper part of themselves when they talk about the images.

What is the difference between the two decks? Does it matter which I use?
Each SoulCard deck is unique and complete unto itself. They can be combined for a richer range of imagery. SoulCards 1 has more images with earth tones, and SoulCards 2 has more blue tones and prismatic colors. It is a personal choice to use SoulCards 1, 2 or both. You can see each of the decks in the SoulCards 1 Gallery and the SoulCards 2 Gallery.