SoulTouch™ Coloring Journals: Years in the Making, But Right on Time

photoofcoloring2Evolve Magazine 

by Deborah Koff-Chapin 

Twenty years ago, I released the first deck of SoulCards. They continue to live in the hands and hearts of many thousands of people around the world. Now, I am riding a new wave. As the interest in adult coloring books grows and crests, I offer my images to the world in a new form: SoulTouch Coloring Journals.

Adult coloring books are fulfilling a deep need for respite – a way to de-stress in our complex and technologized world. Seeing a prism of colorful art materials, holding one in your hand and filling a page with color, brings us into a childlike place of focus and passion. The rhythm of coloring seems to sooth a primal longing. Having something on the page to focus our action helps overcome the fear of drawing that so many people have internalized.
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