Standing Strong

This is not an easy image. We are not in easy times. I created this drawing during the Indigenous Day of Action as a part of Break Free Pacific Northwest. I carried my Touch Drawing materials on the three-mile “Procession for Future Generations”. People from around the region marched along the shores of Fidalgo Bay in front of the Shell and Tesoro refineries to demand that we accelerate the move to 100% renewables – without leaving workers or communities behind, and being sure to address the needs of the people most impacted by climate change, and to leave a thriving planet for future generations and all of creation.

When we arrived at the northeast tip of March Point,  we joined the indigenous gathering and ceremony. We were hosted by the Swinomish tribe, whose treaty lands the refineries had been built upon. It was such a blessing to draw and take photos during these powerful presentations. The drawing above is an expression of the great strength I felt from tribal leaders. They embodied such deep love and commitment; standing strong in the face of the challenges confronting all life. 

I hope this image helps you affirm your own strength to shine, even amidst any pain or turmoil  you may be feeling. More than ever, the world needs our love and light.
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Here I am with my drawing materials set up in front of the stage. At one point I had to grab my things and move, as a large traditional canoe was hoisted out of the water and brought right to this spot. It was so beautiful that I grabbed my camera and took one photo. See it below. 

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