New Story Summit at Findhorn Foundation in Scotland

P9301245-800pxFrom September 27– October 3, 2014, the Findhorn Foundation and Community hosted its most ambitious event to-date, the week-long ‘New Story Summit: Inspiring Pathways for our Planetary Future’ – a multi-generational, multi-cultural, global dialogue into the co-creation of a coherent new story for humanity. 

The event took place in the Universal Hall
 10672307_927526230594163_3826403875270847294_nwith 335 participants in attendance, from all over the world, and hundreds of additional summiteers joining via live streaming. Deborah Immersed herself in interpretive Touch Drawing throughout the week, creating 110 images. She presented a 10 minute digital experience of the images on the final day of the Summit. Drawings Deborah created during the Summit were used as headings for each section of The New Story film. 

10155071_927524963927623_4213915882382781456_nDeborah donated the originals to the Findhorn archives. Please contact The Center for Touch Drawing if you are interested in using the images for related causes. Fine Art Prints of any image can created in a range of sizes. Order directly from the gallery. A percentage of proceeds will be donated to Findhorn.

Most of the sessions can be seen via webstream. You can click on thumbnails and scroll through gallery images from each session as you watch that session’s video.

Day 1 Session 1 – Welcome & Ritual

The summit is opened by Findhorn Community elder Craig Gibsone and Yvonne Cuneo, along with indigenous elders from diverse communities around the world including Pat McCabe (Diné nation, USA), Tjanara Goreng Goreng (Wakka Wakka/Wulli Wulli woman, Australia), Visolela Rosa Namises (Namibia), Kalani Souza (Hawaii), Ousmane Pame (Senegal) and Karambu Ringera (Keyna).
Story and Blessing – Elizabeth Sahtouris (United States) and Puma (Peru)

Day 1 Session 2 – Setting the Context

David Spangler (United States) Subtle Worlds and the New Story 
Drew Dellinger (United States) The Universe Story 
Lua Bashala (The Congo) on women
Aida Shibli (Palestine) on Gaza and the suffering of people all over the world
Naresh Giangrande (United Kingdom) on liberation and oppression
Jonathan Santos (United States) on youth
Jonathan Porritt (United Kingdom) on the world we made and what we can be 

Day 1 Session 3 – Ancient Wisdom/New Consciousness

Kalani Souza (Hawaii), Gigi Coyle (United States), Satish Kumar (United Kingdom), Visolela Rosa Namises (Namibia), Cynthia Jurs (United States), Vickie Downey (United States), Kahontineh Swamp (United States), Pat McCabe (Diné Nation), Shaun Nannup (Australia), Pracha Hutanuwatr (Thailand)

Day Two Session 4 – Singing & Sowing the Seeds – New Impulses

Rachel Bagby (United States) and Susie Ro Prater (United Kingdom) Vocalizing together 
Visolela Rosa Namises (Namibia) Finally a Voice 
Linda Kabaira and Mugove Walter Nyika (Zimbabwe) Greening the Schools 
Nick Joyce (United States) Earth Drumming and Online Community 
Polly Higgins (United Kingdom) Law/Ecocide
Charles Eisenstein (United States) Serving That Which Wants to Be Born 

Day Two Session 6 – The Power of Story: Global Tales of Living the New Story

Rebecca Maze – original song Green Dragon – Initiation and the Wild Woman 
Elizabeth Sahtouris (United States) Evolutionary biology
Robert Steele (United Kingdom) Open Source Everything
Anna Oposa (Philippines) Coastal protection and rejuventation in the Philippines
Karumba Ringera (Kenya) Dance of re-membering 
Ray Savage (United Kingdom) Free Energy 
Om Sunisa Jamwiset (Thailand) The Innocent Being in Everyone

Day Three Session 7 – Sowing the Seeds – Evolving Community

Performance: Alixa Garcia of Climbing PoeTree (Columbia)
Panel: Herbie Girardet (South Wales, UK), Ousmane Pame (Senegal), Sophy Banks (United Kingdom), Kosha Joubert (United Kingdom), Vera Kleinhammes (Portugal), Benjamin von Mendelssohn (Portugal)

Day Three Session 8 – Sowing the Seeds – Creating Institutional Shift

Panel: May East (Brazil/United Kingdom), Paul Allen (Wales, UK), Jodie Evans (United States), Julien Troussiour (Switzerland) and Andrew White (United Kingdom)
Comic relief by Findhorn’s resident clown, Leslie Quilty

Day Three Evening – Group Diversity Process 

Day Four – Grief Ritual

Day Five – Chaos & Emergence

Day Five Small Groups
Elizabeth Sahtouris workshop

Day Six Session 11 – Weaving the Threads – Sharing Discoveries
Movement by Samara Gaev
Break through – Original song by Jonathan Santos
Poem by Alixa Garcia, Movement by Samara Gaev, vocals by Jonathan Santos
Voices of the Circle

Day Six Session 12 – Gender Ritual

Guided by Visolela Rosa Namises (Namibia)

Day Seven Session 14 – Towards Integration – Words & Stories

About two minutes into the video, Deborah shares a 10 minute slide sequence of all 110 Touch Drawings she created during the Summit.

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  1. Melinda

    Deborah: Seeing your drawings, created in the energy of the Summit; truly affirms my confidence in the evolution of mankind! With no exception; each drawing is profoundly moving.

  2. Pamela Cail

    Inspiring! Truth! Revealed One Heart!

  3. sandra Longmore

    Hi Deborah loved seeing your work. It spoke deeply to me.
    Sandra Longmore

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