US Systemic Constellations Conference 2013

As intepretive artist, Deborah Koff-Chapin created Touch Drawings during many presentations, translating their content into images. See 81 drawings she created in the galleries below. Order signed fine art prints in a range of sizes & prices from $30 via the order link on each enlarged image. Contact Deborah about originals or permission to reproduce. Images can be enhanced with color.

The theme for the Conference, Courage at the Edge – Love in the Center, reflects the movements we are experiencing as individuals and as a collective at this unique moment in our evolution. In Constellation Work, we engage in a spiraling movement from the Edge to the Center, and from the Center to the Edge. This movement reveals different facets of Love: the Love that shows itself as Courage in the face of darkness, and the radiant, encompassing light of Love that is central to all things. As our Loves grows, we are pushed, en-couraged, to embrace our learning edges – our growth edges. As our Courage grows, we discover that Love exists even in the darkest places. Find out more about the US Systemic Constellations Conference October 10-13, 2013 in Seattle, Washington. 

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Short Sessions: Epigenetics, Constellations in Psychological Healing & Restoring the Flow of Love Through Laughter

Amy & Peter Faust: Energy Medicine, Consciousness and Constellations

Karin Dremel: The Matryoshka Principle – Constellating Fragments of the Self in Individual Session

Maori Ceremonial Welcome

Ursula Franke-Bryson, PhD: Old Wisdom, New Passion

Francesca Mason Boring: Honoring the Land – Incorporating Nature into Family Constellations

Ursula Franke-Bryson and Thomas Bryson: Encounters with Death

Belvie Rooks and Eimer O’Neil: Sisters of the H’Earth Irish and African American; Honoring the Ancestral Call

Belvie Rooks: Who Am I Really? Rethinking Identity: An Emerging Evolutionary Perspective

Tata Pedro Cruz & Nan Shumantla Fenix: The Mayan Count of Days: The Golden Book of Knowledge of the New Era