The Gaian Congress

There are many worldwide efforts to promote peace between peoples, races, and religions; and for the protection and preservation of animal and plant species. The Gaian Congress affects the planet by joining with the nature, devic and subtle realms to bring more peace, love and understanding into the world. Our goal is not to escape the outer world but to positively affect it. Beings in the subtle realms are major players in what is transpiring on the planet. Though many deny their existence, the numbers of people who are tuning into the spiritual realms and to the nature spirit/fairy/devic realms is increasing by leaps and bounds.


The Gaian Congress is one of the vanguard events bringing these people together. We are not frivolous, although we do have lots of fun and reverie. Our intent is communication and cooperation, not only for our personal selves, but for all of humanity. We are allying ourselves with Mother Earth and with the forces for peace and love on planet Earth. Most of the Congress workshops have a focus on communication and many are participatory. Click on thumbnails to enlarge. Below the gallery find which drawings created during each presenter. 

Opening Circle – Meeting Our Subtle & Human Allies: DKC674-675

David Nicol – Sacred Activism: Working on the Subtle Planes for Social & Planetary Healing: DKC676-680
Round Table Discussion on the Sidhe: DKC681-686

Soren Hauge – The Power of the In-Between: DKC687-696

Jaap van Etten – Crystal Skulls and Human Consciousness: Supporting a New Earth: DKC697-701
Amba Aliana Hi & Tiffany Lindsey –  Co-Creation in Action: DKC702-704
Brooke Medicine Eagle – Connection is the Key: DKC705-712
Closing Circle – Angel Wash: DKC713-715

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