Touch Drawing: a personal and group practice

I first encountered Touch Drawing at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in 2005.  I participated in a five day Touch Drawing Intensive facilitated by Deborah. Although I was deeply moved by that Touch Drawing experience and even went out and bought all the materials I needed (even ordering paper form the Center for Touch Drawing I did not integrate Touch Drawing into my daily life.

In January 2015 I reconnected with Touch Drawing at a weekend workshop facilitated by Deborah at the Rowe Center.  Since that time I have designated one day a week to engage in Touch Drawing for at least an hour session in the studio.  This has been extremely valuable as it has given me a tool to use when I encounter difficult emotional situations in my life. 

Touch Drawing has also been a way for me to experience that when individuals gather together to engage in personal art making processes we all go deeper than we do when we are alone.  So I began to introduce Touch Drawing to people in my local community and my dance community.  This morphed into a weekly online group. I have met many people on my Touch Drawing journey. Some have accompanied me as my journey has continued. And for others it was an interesting experience but not something they wanted to pursue as a personal practice. I particularly enjoy introducing Touch Drawing to children and watching them develop their own relationship and understanding of Touch Drawing.

I spend time diving deep into individual images in a process I call having a deeper dialog. This involves continuing to work on specific images that I think have something more to say to me. Scroll down to see two enhanced Touch Drawings.

I am an artist, a retired occupational therapist and a full time care giver of an adult with developmental disabilities. I live in Ithaca, NY where I have been engaging in weekly TouchDrawing practice since January 2015.

I have facilitated Touch Drawing sessions for developmentally disabled adults, elderly adults, adults of all ages and children. I have also exhibited my  Touch Drawings at local and regional galleries. I have been facilitating a weekly Touch Drawing group since August 2019. This group became a virtual group when the COVID-19 lockdown went into effect and expanded to include people who lived physically far apart. 

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