Touch Drawing: Expression of My Soul – Junko Kurata

I moved to the U.S. in 1992 and spent my days busy with translation work, until one day in 1998, at the age of 35, I suddenly heard a voice inside me saying, “There is no point in doing this.” As if this moment was a turning point, mysterious events occurred one after another, and I was swept away by an invisible torrent that pushed me vigorously in a certain direction.

Milestones of Life – Encounter with Touch Drawing

When I look down from above like a hawk at the path I have walked so far in my life, I see milestones standing in various places. Among them, there are two particularly large markers standing on top of each other. One of them is my first encounter with Touch Drawing.

It started in a completely coincidental way. One day in 2009, I was taking a walk in my neighborhood, and suddenly my feet started heading toward a certain bookstore. It was as if I was being drawn to the bookstore by some powerful magnetic force emanating from it. Without knowing why, I opened the door. My eyes caught a “This Month’s Events” booklet sponsored by the bookstore on the counter at the entrance. I took a copy and went home.

As I was idly flipping through the pages in my room, I saw a picture of Deborah smiling as she held up a drawing of a face above the words, “Let’s draw the face of your soul. At that moment, my whole body was shocked, and I felt an intense sensation as if something inside my body popped with a sound and my heart shot forward. At that moment, with excitement, I was shouting in my heart, “I want to do this, yes, I’m going to do it!”

I had never particularly liked or been interested in drawing. It had nothing to do with my life anyway. But the moment I saw Deborah’s drawing and the words “face of the soul,” I felt an electric shock in my body and a nostalgic feeling welling up from the depths of my being. I did not need to know what Touch Drawing was. I wasn’t interested in the details. I just wanted to try it. That was all.

My first experience of the work was deep and powerful. My heart was strongly moved by the resonance of Deborah’s singing voice. My fingers moved over the paper as if it had an intelligence and will of its own.

Along with the images being drawn, stories explaining them flowed out of me. Through the images, aspects of myself that I had never known before were being revealed before my eyes. I nodded in agreement with each of those aspects. I was drawn into a world with a depth I had never experienced before.

I continued to draw on my own outside of Deborah’s workshops. I keep drawing even after relocating back to Japan. Every time I draw, I discover something new. How deep and expansive does it get? It seems there is no limit.

Through my own experience, I learned that expression is a way of life and joy, and that when we encounter our true self, there is life force, wisdom, and overflowing creative power.

With the Spirit of Touch Drawing

Just as Deborah felt that Touch Drawing was a gift to humanity when she discovered it, I feel a kind of will and plan of its own when I am touched by the depth and vastness of Touch Drawing. I know how powerful it is to draw directly with my fingers as I feel. I also know through my own experience that when this leads to insight and deeper understanding, it opens new doors filled with the power of life and creativity.

As new waves of consciousness that shake the very foundations of the world continue to surge forth, I believe Touch Drawing has a powerful role to support humanity.

That very day I did Touch Drawing for the first time, the spirit of Touch Drawing touched my heart, and my transformation began. It is my joy to actively create a new reality filled with harmony and joy.

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