Touch Drawing Workshop Participant Comments

“I found the process of Touch Drawing to be at once liberating and revealing. An integration of body and spirit seemed to develop in ways not consciously intended.”

“I have always wanted to put my hands into artwork, but have been in a vicious cycle of buying materials and not doing it. Touch Drawing broke through the fear of putting something onto paper. Now I am zooming! It is truly a gift.”

“The process was so enlightening. I didn’t feel inhibited by what I felt to be my lack of drawing ability.”

“You have given me a non-verbal way to express and work through my grief.”

“A great way to take the inner child out for a romp.”

gathering mailing - 07b“The process of Touch Drawing opens doors to the creative energy we all share in a new and exciting way. It took me on an inner journey no other form has reached–I laughed, cried, felt pain and joy–all in new ways. Deborah is a delight and a teacher of rare ability.”

“I felt totally lost in the process–not aware of the others around me. I was amazed when images appeared that I had no conscious knowledge of.”

“This was a wondrous gift for personal growth and inner healing. I know I want to explore using it with my own workshops.”

“I loved how easy it was to let go of the art critic and to concentrate on the message the hands, paint, and paper had to teach me.”

“I learned a new tool! Yes!! I grow in ability to flow as I continued to Touch Draw.”

“Thanks so much for gifting me with this to use in my psychotherapy practice.”

“Touch Drawing is a revelation – it’s a letter from the inner self to the personality.”

“The ‘Touch’ part of Touch Drawing says it all. I thought it was called Touch Drawing because you ‘touch’ the paper, but for me, the drawing ‘touched’ me. I really felt this workshop. The mind turns off and the body turns on, the heart turns on. This type of drawing is good practice for staying human and sane. I will use this practice to counter the art school technical stuff I’m learning now.”

“Touch Drawing has deepened my experience of my creative self.”

“Touch Drawing is helping me to ‘SEE’ my journey.”

“Touch Drawing is easy, awesome and constantly surprising. When I use both hands directly on the paper, without implements, the images pour straight out of my soul in a way I can’t predict.”


Praise for Touch Drawing from Respected Professionals

“Deborah Koff-Chapin has discovered a pearl of wisdom in simple touch. Here is a new language of Being that speaks directly from Existence rather than from Human Will. A quietly majestic series of perceptions that can move the soul from state to glorious state in a convergence of wisdom … Quite an activity for families and schools” The Bookreader

“Deborah Koff-Chapin is an angel of inspiration. Her simple and powerful Touch Drawing technique sparks imagination and great creativity. Her book, Drawing Out Your Soul: The Touch Drawing Handbook, is essential reading for therapists, teachers and all people who want to explore the synthesis of the psyche, art and intuition. Touch Drawing crafts a new language for articulating, exploring and celebrating the depth and breadth of the human soul.” Sandra Shaw Friedman, President Emirate, Association for Humanistic Psychology

“The word “touch” is so apt here: Touching the visionary pulse of our lives, touching the many levels, the many dimensions of our being. A touch that awakens –a touch that opens doors. YES!” Jack Weller, Founding Director Emeritus, Expressive Therapy Program California Institute of Integral Studies

“The act of creating images, not just with a single brush or even a single finger, but with a complex gesture using our whole hands, pulls together the two most powerful and integrative parts of our anatomy: the cortex and the spine. Its not surprising that so many people find Touch Drawing a truly integrating, instructive, and healing experience.” Richard Warren, Professor Emeritus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Its a straight line to the unconscious. Artists who are used to running through inner censors were surprised by what they produced. Artists are the most difficult to work with in art therapy.” Emily Ramsey, Art Therapist

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