Creative Transformation of Trauma: An Evening Of Story, Art, Music

trauma conference

This moving evening performance featured artists who have turned their experiences of trauma and those of others around the globe into works of art. As intepretive artist, Deborah Koff-Chapin created a series of Touch Drawings during each presenter, translating their content into images. Order signed fine art prints in a range of sizes & prices from $30. via link on each image. Contact Deborah about originals or permission to reproduce.

This event was part of a symposium entitled The Power of the Arts in Trauma Therapy, which was a program of the Expressive Therapies Summit. The evening was was co-sponsored by the Summit and the Creative Arts Therapy Program of The New School. Deborah also gave a masterclass at the Summit.


War-Toys – Brian McCarty

Finding Resilience in the Face of Tragedy – Judith Sloan

Composing Connection: Vicarious Trauma, Empathy & The Power of Music – Jeremy Howard Beck

Unlocking Nine Locks: Transforming Trauma Through Story – Laura Simms