Two Worlds Wisdom Gathering

Kaiser Institute

These Touch Drawings were created during the first gathering of Kaiser Institute’s Two Worlds Wisdom School. You are welcome to save these images to your desktop and share them with others to communicate the spirit of our event. Archival, signed fine art prints are available in three sizes. Write down the number of the image and click here to order 

Wisdom for our Time 1-3, Lee Kaiser 

Many of the greatest issues we face in our society, around the globe, in our organizations and even our personal lives would be solved if we drew on the collective spiritual wisdom called the perennial wisdom. This wisdom extends back through time with roots into the most ancient cultures. Understand the origins of the perennial wisdom and its power for us today.

Two Worlds Mythologies 4-7, Leanne Kaiser Carlson, Kevin Kaiser

To bridge worlds is perhaps the most essential role of anyone guiding a culture or an organization. In the name Two Worlds, we express the tension and the power of spanning and integrating materiality and mystery, ancient and future perspectives, and our society and other diverse cultures. Understand the symbols in two worlds mythologies spanning the globe and why they capture the essence of what is needed today in transformative leadership.

The 108 Wisdom Principles 8-16

Every culture has distilled its wisdom – often expressing similar understanding using different words. We have identified 108 principles recurring in the perennial wisdom tradition. Delve into a few of these wisdom laws, explore their meaning, discuss potential organizational and personal applications, and consider the implications of violating the principles. 

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