Kaiser Institute’s Two Worlds Wisdom Gathering

A Journey Into the Laws of Abundance

These Touch Drawings were created during the third annual gathering of Kaiser Institute’s Two Worlds Wisdom School. You are welcome to save these images to your desktop and share them with others to communicate the spirit of our event. Archival, signed fine art prints and silk or satin banners are available. Any image can be enhanced with color before printing. Write down the number of the image and click here to order.

Law of Abundance: the Demons of Scarcity Lee Kaiser, Leanne Kaiser Carlson, Kevin Kaiser

The law of Abundance is one of the most attractive and powerful laws. At the level of spirit, there is infinitude and plenty. When the world came into existence, it emerged with a fullness that far exceeded what creation can utilize. Yet because of the way Source makes space for creation, fear and separation also resulted. To overcome this fear, we must reach beyond the level of material existence. As we journey into the Law of Abundance, we first travel back to the roots of our perceptions of scarcity and examine what separates us from All That Is.

The Form of our Fears Lee Kaiser

People deny their demons. These demons are known by many names and depth psychologists have studied them for years. Demons represent repressed elements of the personality and go by many names, including: denizens of the deep, dwellers on the threshold, creatures of fear, and shadow dwellers. Although demons embodying energies such as fear have no actual existence apart from us, they are real in the sense that they arise from internal energies. All demons depend upon not being discovered., examined or confronted. They operate in the shadows. It is possible to bring these energies forward into the light of inquiry and transmute them. Doing so enables you to dissolve what otherwise might control you throughout life.

Law of Abundance: the Angels of Abundance Lee Kaiser, Leanne Kaiser Carlson, Kevin Kaiser

Consider the Angels of Abundance and understand the types of these energies. Angels of abundance include those of plentitude, wisdom, connectivity, reconciliation, faith, freedom, gratitude and hope. Explore the typology of powers upon which you or your organization can draw. Then explore what is essential on your side for this partnership to work. Understand the importance of extending beyond your imposed boundaries and limitations, fitting into the larger patterns of the universe, and working in accord with how things actually transform in the physical dimension. Examine a few patterns around which people get stuck and how to break through into abundance.

Visit with a Toltec Elder Tiakaelei with Lee Kaiser

This year were were joined by a Toltec Elder who was commissioned in 1947 by the council of Anahuak with a spiritual mission and given the title Tiakaelei, which means Counselor to the Council. In each generation there is only one man who carries this name. Tiakaelei is the first indigenous leader in the history of Mexico to have achieved with the aid of his Kalpulli, or spiritual group, official Government recognition of the indigenous spiritual tradition. This has taken more than 500 years to accomplish. He has spent over 50 years studying the great ancestral cultures of the continent, sharing his knowledge with indigenous and non-indigenous people alike. This was a fascinating discussion that bridged ancient wisdom and modern science.