Women’s Spiritual Leadership for the 21st Century

Women spiritual leaders are emerging more prominently than ever before across the major religions and spiritual traditions of the world. This auspicious trend is gradually eroding long-standing oppression of women’s spiritual leadership, and simultaneously uplifting the feminine aspects of the Divine in diverse religious and spiritual traditions. The purpose of this conference is to strengthen women in their spiritual life and vocation, and to build bridges of mutual support, collaboration, inspiration, and mentoring among women spiritual leaders and seekers across the spiritual and religious traditions.

It was such a blessing to do Touch Drawing in the virtual presence of so many dedicated women from around the world. Find out more about my work with Interpretive Touch Drawing.

Find out more about Women’s Spiritual Leadership for the 21st Century Conference.
Moderated by Lucille Meyer Ed.D and Rev Cynthia Brix – Click on images to enlarge.


Poet: Kainyu Njeri, Musican: Vuyo Koyana, Special guest: Chaya Pamula
Plenary presenters: Ambikananda Saraswati, Karambu Ringera, Carol Lee Flinders, Ph.D. 


Divine Feminine Panel 
Seemi Bushra Ghazi, Dena Merriam, Alka Arora Ph.D., Alejandra Warden, Neela Saxena Ph.D.


Breakout Session: Great Transition Stories: Navigating a Larger Context for Our Dark Times – Lynnaea Lumbard Ph.D.

Plenary presenters: Sr. Lucy Kurien, Ven. Pannavati, Ph.D., Suad Younan, Karambu Ringera, Ph.D.


Voices of Young Women Spiritual Leaders: Sarah Oliver, Rev. Clare Morgan, Tschika McBean, Becca Tarnas, Ph.D., Naomi Mwangi, Musician:  Shirsten Lundblad


Women Leaders in Gender Equity and Reconciliation (GERI)
Desireé English, Esther Diplock, Minister Myra Kinds, Silvia Araya Fischer, PsyD, Vijaya Lakshmi, Natalia Cediel, Ph.D., Thu Nguyen, Naima Dido, Judy Connors, Antonia Porter, Máire Callan


Plenary Presenters: Emily Nielsen Jones, Rabbi Silvina Chemen, Daisy Khan, Ph.D. Musician: Vuyo Koyana

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