Portals of Presence Videos

View some video reviews, interviews and my own video creations related to the Portals.



An introduction to Portals of Presence with music, words and images by Deborah Koff-Chapin
Nina from Shuffle Tarot in Australia brings you into her experience using the Portals in connection with nature.
A wonderful live conversation with Simon Harrison of Hermit’s Cave on the eve of the release of Portals. Our previous talk in late 2018 activated me to bring this long held vision into being. So this was a full-circle conversation.
Simon Harrison of Hermits Cave in Nottingham, England has been instrumental in the creation of Portals of Presence.
A conversation with intuitive artist Justine Serebrin when the deck was in production
A ten minute video with Touch Drawings and photographs I created during the Fairy and Human Relations Congress. A few Touch Drawings created there are in the Portals of Presence Deck