Touch Drawing Gathering Photos 2005


Images from the 9th Annual Touch Drawing Gathering; July 2005

Slide Show 1 – Drawing
We have deep time gazing inward through Touch Drawing.
Slide Show 2 -Sharing
When we return from our inward journeys, it is joyful to share with one another.
Slide Show 3 -Labyrinth
A magical time of contemplative walking, dancing, meeting, playing and Touch Drawing.
Slide Show 4 -Coloring our Drawings
Our sacred studio is now full of images and the floor is a wonderful creative mess!
Slide Show 5 -Inner Portraits
We offer a drawing session to one another and are amazed at the intuitive wisdom.
Slide Show 6 -Celebrating
One of our rituals of celebration is for me to take a photograph of each person in their glowing beauty on our final evening together.


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