Group Made Their Own Deck of Cards

by Noreen Wessling and 7-Arts Studio

Touch Drawing Workshops are a popular event at 7 Arts Studio in Milford, Ohio. I have facilitated these groups for the past 5 years. The creative juices from participants have sparked many innovative ways to expand our mutual Touch Drawing horizons, resulting in more interest and bigger groups as time goes on. A bunch of us were looking at my Dream Treasure Cards when someone said, “Why don’t we make our own Touch Drawing Cards!” With big smiles on our faces and a gleam in our eyes… the rest is history.

Excitement rose as the word got out to other Touch Drawing friends. By early autumn, eight of us gathered to make plans for this uncharted new adventure. We decided on 56 cards with each of us choosing 7 of our favorite Touch Drawings to contribute. We brainstormed, mostly guided by our intuition and sense of comradeship, till things started to fall into place. We researched printers, lamination and how much each person needed to contribute monetarily, then said, “Let’s go for it!” What fun! We decided to call it ‘A-Musing Deck; Cards to Draw From’.

After they were printed, it was time for the Big Card-Cutting Party. We convened again, armed with various types of paper cutters. For hours we cut and listened to music. The atmosphere felt electric. The excitement of finally seeing the finished product after months of collaboration… Hurrah!


Our A-Musing Deckers would love to make tons of money selling these cards, yet the over-riding reason for this project continues to be the heart-warming feeling of mutually creating. Due to the success of this project, quite a few of us now intend to make our very own Touch Drawing Decks.

We encourage other avid Touch Drawers around the world to try this approach to honor their own favorite personal images. We are eager to hear of your adventures in Touch Drawing. Who knows where this could lead! Please contact me and I’ll pass the word to the group; namely, Fran, Janet, Jim, Jakk, Julie, Shirley and Todd.