Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of SoulCards


SoulCards were released in the fall of 1995. I had spent the year selecting images, writing the guidebook, preparing the cards for printing, developing a marketing plan, and generally jumping into the world of publishing. I acted on faith, energized by a strong inner impulse and the support of a few friends.

Twenty years later, I am amazed to see how the SoulCards continue to bring inspiration and insight into so many lives. I am happy to share a few of the testimonials we have received. They offer a sense of the many ways the SoulCards are being used. Let us know what YOU are doing with them!
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Celebrating 20 Years of SoulCards
Universal Images for Insight, Creativity and Healing

By Deborah Koff-Chapin, artist and creator of SoulCards

In 1995 review, The Bookreader wrote that SoulCards were “due to become an American deck of reference.” They were right! SoulCards broke new ground in the realm of divination decks and have yet to meet their match.

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