Touch Drawing Gathering Photos 2003

Images from the Seventh Annual Touch Drawing Gathering; June/July 2003

Each time I look through these images, I return to the joy and loving presence that is generated during the Touch Drawing Gathering. It is remarkable what timeless connections we make in just a few days. I hope some of the beauty and power of our shared experience comes through as you move through this sequence of images. It is truly a gift to share them with you. 

We gather in Thomas Berry Hall at Whidbey Institute. It is a blessing to be in the building that was designed by my husband Ross Chapin. In many of these photos, we are practicing drawing purely from inner sensation by keeping our eyes closed. This really helps people let go their standard ways of making images, and connect with core feeling states.

Sharing with partners is a vital part of the process. Often we are too close to our own images to realize what we have done. A witness can help us to step back and see. Of course we also have time for private reflection.

We spend a morning walking, drawing and dancing on the large Chartres labyrinth. There is room for several people to draw in the center.

There are so many images to reflect upon. Writing from our drawings can open new pathways of insight. And then we select some to embellish with color. Our own cosmic coloring books!

We glow with the creative energy that is being generated.

It is time to celebrate, integrate and return to our homes renewed.


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