SoulCards Inspire Couple Dealing with Life Threatening Illness

SC050by Kathleen Denton
Two years ago I met my soul partner. I had the richest year of my life and after a year we married. Two months later my husband had a grand mal seizure. The doctors discovered a malignant brain tumor deep in his brain. They told us he had at the most five years to live. Our joy and exuberance for life was paralyzed. We spent a year fighting the cancer and the agony of lost dreams and plans. It wasn’t until the last few months that we realized we had been handed a very unusual gift.

Recently I attended a seminar given by Cristina Baldwin. Towards the end of the gathering she passed around a basket of Soul Cards, face down, and asked each of us to select a card and then to write down the inner dialog we were having with the image. When the basket came to me I reached in and selected a card. When I got home, I went to the internet and purchased a set for myself. When my cards came I sat quietly in my candle lit room. Without looking at them, I shuffled the deck and drew the same card as before!

The one piece my husband and I had been missing was our spiritual connection to the universe. I have always been very intuitive but I didn’t listen to my inner soul and acknowledge my innate spirituality. We are now learning to slow down, listen to that inner voice, get back that joyfulness and feel our connection. Sometimes the negative energy from the tumor consumes us. It’s then that I stop and look at my SoulCard. I see my message so strong and clear and I know the reason I drew this card twice. I will continue to use my Soul Cards as a conduit for those inner and external voices.