Using SoulCards to Develop Intuition

A Card a Day Keeps Uncertainty Away…

by Leland R. Kaiser, PhD

One of the ways to accelerate your intuition is to remember to use it each day. This card exercise helps you do that. Pick “at random” one SoulCard at the beginning of each day. Before you draw the card, silence your mind for a few moments. This will help you “tune in” and select the most meaningful card.

The doctrine of correspondences states that your drawn card will correspond to what happens to you during the day. In other words, the SoulCard is a microcosm of the world as macrocosm. When you do this exercise, it is important to listen to the cards. The symbols may seem a little strange but should seem meaningful and inviting. If you don’t like the SoulCards, they will not work for you.

Study the card at various times throughout the day. Try to place your consciousness within each symbol on the card and determine what it is saying to you. Also, notice if the card seems to fit the events that occur during the day. This simple exercise develops your skill in drawing appropriate cards and also helps you develop an internal intuitive symbol system.

Over time, you develop a personal relationship to your cards. They become attuned to your distinct energy field. For this reason, it is important to keep the cards to yourself. Do not leave them lying around. Do not loan them out. Keep them wrapped in some type of natural fabric.

Certain SoulCards may become your favorites. These cards are central to your uniqueness. Study them even more carefully. They will appear often in your life.

I have used the SoulCards many times. They tap archetypal themes and are excellent navigation aids for exploring your unconscious and superconscious minds.

Leland Kaiser is founder of Kaiser Institute Program in Intuition. Deborah is on the faculty.